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The Masbro specialises in adult learning in a non-formal, non-competitive  environment where everyone can achieve their best in small class sizes with experienced and friendly tutors.  

Courses change in line with available funding but usually include:

English Functional Skills Entry Levels 1-3, and Levels 1-2
Maths Functional Skills Entry Levels 1-3, and Levels 1-2
Information Technology Entry Levels 1-3, and Levels 1-2
English as a Second Language [ESOL]

Most are completely free of charge. Some eligibility requirements may apply. 
We are now recruiting for courses starting September 2017. For details of coming courses please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call main reception on 020 7605 0800.  Crèche places for under 5s may be available on some courses.

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Spring Term Begins 8th  January 2017  Half Term 12th to 16th February term ends 29th March

Summer Term  Begins 16th April  Half Term 26th May to 3rd June term ends 20th July 






10.00am to 12.00pm

English Functional Skills

Level 2

Classroom A

Tutor Caroline Diggle

10.00am to 12.00am

Functional Skills   Entry Level 2 and 3

Tutor Caroline Diggle


 10.30 to 12.00

Classroom A Reader Group

10.12.00 English Beginners Level Edward Woods Eury Caldwell


1.00 pmto  3.00pm

English Functional Skills  Level 1  Classroom A

Tutor Caroline Diggle


1.00to 3.00

Beginners ESOL

Tutor Caroline Pridgeon

Classroom A

1.00pm to 3.00 Maths Level 1 Virginia Crosbie Classroom B


1.00 pm to 3.00

English Functional Skills

Level 1

Classroom A

Tutor Caroline Diggle



1:00 to 3:00PM Classroom B

ICT Beginner

Eury Caldwell



Learner Agreement A


Congratulations to Hindi, one of Masbro’ s adult learners who successfully passes English and maths exams in July. Hindi is looking for a job now with support from employment project at Masbro!

Hindi RZ


  Anything is possible, just ask Thoyeba. 

theyoba pic2

Thoyeba joined the employment programme at the Masbro Centre in January 2014. She held undergraduate degree in business administration from overseas and wanted to progress her education further, however she needed to improve her English first. She joined ESOL and English courses at the Masbro, and quickly progressed her way up to the highest level, achieving level 2 pass in July 2015. While studying for her final English exams Thoyeba applied for a place at university to study Business top up course and was accepted starting the course in late September 2015! Thoyeba was extremely happy that she finally was able to reach for her dream career in business, open further employment opportunities and become a positive role model for her young son. Once she completes 1 year of Business top up course Thoyeba is planning to continue her education and study for a Master’s Degree in Business.

Thoyeba says:

It was hard work especially because I have a little son to look after, but I kept my goal in mind and that helped me to stay focused, improve my English and secure a place at university. I am very excited and can’t wait to start my business course!