Learn To Skate Like A Pro! (English Edition) por Brendan Meyers

April 5, 2020

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Learn To Skate Like A Pro! (English Edition) por Brendan Meyers
Titulo del libro : Learn To Skate Like A Pro! (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 23, 2015
Autor : Brendan Meyers
Número de páginas : 79

Brendan Meyers con Learn To Skate Like A Pro! (English Edition)

What will this eBook help teach those who are looking to learn the art of skateboarding? It is going to begin by taking a glance at what it takes to put oneself in the mind of a quality skateboarder. Those who are able to put themselves in this kind of mindset are already ahead of the game and well on their way towards success. A fearless mindset is essential especially with skateboarding where it sometimes comes down to what is running through the mind rather than physical skills using the skateboard. Many skateboarders are unable to realize this and take out their frustration on the board when this might not be the problem at all.

This eBook is certainly going to provide expert advice on the technical nuances that should be worked on by those who want results. It is going to emphasize the art of balancing weight and pushing forward with the skateboard. it is these technical details that are hard to pick up for young skateboarders, but can become the difference between a smooth ride and falling flat on one's face.

Along with expert tips that are going to help push one's abilities forward, this eBook is also going to take a glance at some of the common mistakes made by skateboarders in this day and age. These are mistakes that can easily be rectified with a bit of patience and focus.

Enjoy this eBook and start to work on those skills in order to become one of the best skateboarders in town!

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